Founded in Cape Town in 2004, Universal Vision is a direct importer and supplier of Himalayan Crystal Salt and Salt Lamps, as well as a range of other Himalayan Crystal Salt and Rock Salt products.

Our first product range was the Salt Lamp range and we strive to offer the best quality Salt Lamps possible. We believe that, due to its form and mineral content, Himalayan Crystal Salt is the best known salt currently available, and we have yet to find a better salt.

The founder and owner, Anthony Posemann, has visited the source of the Himalayan Crystal Salt on three occasions, exploring the Salt Range region and inspecting various salt mines on his quest to find the best quality salt available. Anthony is passionate about healthy living and sharing the health benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt and Salt Lamps, having personally experienced these benefits in a significant way. 

We encourage personal responsibility, discernment and increased awareness in choices being made on a daily basis, especially with regards to nutrition and one's surrounding environment, prompting all to have regard and respect for one's own well being, the well being of one's family and others, the well being of the natural environment and all life.


Universal Vision's mission is to provide products of a high quality which serve as healthy choices for daily life, and support optimal living. Our product range includes natural food products, as well as unique and innovative healing products which assist in creating balanced and supportive living spaces.  

In order to assist in growing the understanding and awareness around our products, we aim to provide information that encourages people to make discerning choices regarding their internal and external environments, in order to fulfill their potential and attain and maintain optimal health and efficiency. We strive to inspire and educate.

All of our products are vegan friendly, and we support and encourage a plant-based lifestyle. We believe that all life is created equal and should be respected and treated as such.

We believe that optimal life experience is achieved through eating plant-based, highly nutritious food (as close to its natural state as possible), a balanced lifestyle (including regular enjoyable exercise), cultivating nurturing relationships, dedication to meaningful service, and realization of the interconnection of all life. We are here to experience the best possible version of ourselves, and encourage all to explore and develop a lifestyle that supports such an experience.


  • To source and offer the best quality, reliable (chemical free) and natural products available.
  • To encourage people to make informed, discerning and empowering choices regarding products which effect and support their internal, physical and external environments.
  • To inspire a reconnection and harmonizing with nature in a symbiotic relationship through using products in the form that Nature intended.
  • To provide information that uplifts, guides and supports people in the fulfillment of their optimal potential.
  • To inspire people to become aware and to be responsible in their actions and impact on the world and others.
  • To connect and do business with like-minded trade partners who share in our mission and vision.
  • To offer innovative solutions in overcoming health and nutritional challenges 


We have been looking for environmentally friendly packaging for our products, and having already exploring various options, we are still looking for the ideal solution, so if you know of any suitable options, please contact Anthony via email:

Certifications and Endorsements

Universal Vision is HACCP certified. Our products are also Halal and Kosher Certified.