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Himalayan Crystal Salt 1kg Bath Crystals

R 77

Naturally mineral rich, unprocessed chunks of Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Bathing in water in which Pink Halite is dissolved is a lovely and therapeutic experience. It is even considered to be more effective  to the sea-salt cleansing baths which many people use to clear and replenish their energies. 

Only a small amount of Pink Halite is required to produce a full etheric cleansing, and a single stone may be used repeatedly, until it is completely dissolved. 

Place these natural crystal salt chunks in your bath water, allow them to dissolve and soak to your heart's content as you relax and allow the elements to seep through your skin, providing nourishment to your cells, while cleansing and detoxifying.

After your wonderful experience, air dry, drink some good quality spring water and rest.

The Metaphysical Properties of Himalayan Crystal Salt

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