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Himalayan Crystal Salt Tealight Holder

R 180

Himalayan Crystal Salt Tealight Holders offer a wonderful addition to an indoor space, and are ideal on dining room tables, in restaurants and in mediation areas. One lights the candle and drops it into the holder for a soothing ambience and the health benefits of the emitted negative ions. 
These tealight holders are natural ionizers and air cleansers as they emit negatively charged ions, which, research has shown, have health benefits for us. One of the most significant advantage of having a salt lamp is that it offers protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation. 
Electromagnetic radiation is  made up of invisible force fields which can have a detrimental effect on our beings, potentially weakening our immune systems, throwing us off balance, increasing susceptibility to stress, causing insomnia and disturbed cardiac patterns. These effects should not be underestimated. In extreme cases, electromagnetic radiation can facilitate unexplained health symptoms and induce cancer.
Our modern environments seem to be becoming increasingly bombarded with unhelpful electromagnetic frequency sources, including cell phone towers, computers, televisions, microwaves and air conditioners. It is not only wise, it is essential, to protect your self and your family from these frequencies.

Negative ions seem to have a positive effect on the sleep hormone melatonin, and help to balance the serotonin levels in the blood. This helps to induce a restful, relaxed and peaceful state of being. Negative Ions have also been found to reduce and clear the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and sinus problems. 

Places to Use:

  • In offices placed tastefully or on a desk next to a computer
  • In a bedroom next to the bed (excellent as night light for children)
  • In a lounge as a feature or next to a television 
  • In reception areas of buildings to create a welcoming ambience
  • In a kitchen next to a fridge, microwave, blender or juicer
  • In gyms or sports clubs to enhance recovery from exercise
  • In health spas to cleanse the air and create a comforting vibe
  • In massage rooms to create a peaceful ambience
  • In meditation rooms to enhance alpha brain wave state
  • In hotel rooms to cleanse the air of odors and dust
  • In hospitals to enhance the healing process
  • In waiting rooms to calm and relax patients
  • In smoking areas to clear the smoke from the air 

Care and Maintenance:

  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Tealight Holders require very little care and maintenance. If you feel like you wish to wipe your tealight holder intermittently, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. This does not tend to be necessary though, as the salt seems to be self cleansing. 
  • If a tealight is not being used for an extended period (a few days or longer), it is recommended that the holder is covered with an air tight bag. This will ensure that the holder is sealed off from the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere, keeping it dry. Himalayan Crystal Salt is highly hygroscopic, which means that it naturally attracts moisture from the air. With the tealight burning, any moisture is consistently evaporated and does not have a chance to accumulate. However, when not in use, the moisture starts to accumulate, drip, create small pools of water and initiate a crystallization of the salt on the holder and around the bottom. 

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