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Himalayan Crystal Salt Bar

R 89

This Salt Bar can be used instead of deodorant as a non-toxic anti-bacterial underarm rub. The salt's anti-bacterial property which is really what you want for underarms, as most odors stem from bacteria, so spraying or rolling a chemical based product under your arms is not ideal. Simply wet the bar with some water and gently rub it under your arms, daily or as required. 

Great for use in the shower, the salt bar can also be used a few times a week as skin exfoliator to gently remove dead skin cells, and to alkalize and revitalize the skin for a wonderful glow! One must just be very careful to use it gently and to ensure that the bar is smooth to avoid scratches on one's skin.

Air dry and store in a dry soap dish or a sealed container away from moisture to avoid unnecessary dissolution.

Warning:  To avoid scratching or aggravating your skin unnecessarily:
The Salt Bar may not be completely smooth, as Salt does change in relation to water.
The Salt Bar will also slowly wear away with use, as salt naturally dissolves in water. 
Before each use, check the "smoothness'" of the Bar to feel for any rough spots or edges, and either avoid using the abrasive side, or file or sand that section down.
Always use the Salt Bar very gently on the skin, to ensure that you do not scratch yourself.

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